Be A Better Developer

Tuesday, December 08 2009

At CodeStock 2009 I gave a talk entitled “Be a Better Developer”.  Here’s the abstract from the talk:

As a developer you end up wearing a lot of different hats: researcher, designer, janitor, mediator, teacher, student… the list can go on. You likely juggle these hats almost every day and we haven't even mentioned writing a line of code yet. If you want to become a better developer you'll have to learn how to switch these hats out easily and what it means to wear each one well. Most talks often focus on a given technology or tool; some resource that you can use. This talks focuses on how to improve the best resource you have: YOU. Come hear how you can improve yourself by learning, teaching and, yes, even being lazy.

I had a lot of great feedback on this talk, so I thought I’d turn it into a series of blog posts.  Since I’m not constrained to a 70 minute presentation I’ll be expanding a little on the points from my talk, adding new ones, etc.  The series is based on a list of roles I believe every Developer needs to be able to fill in some capacity.  Each role will be discussed in a blog post two posts (one to identify the role and why it is important, and another to outline some tips in how you can fulfill that role).

Links to the articles so far:    


  • 0 – Stop Being a Code Monkey (Intro)
  • 1 – Being a Student
  • 1.5 – Being a Student – Tips
  • 2 – Being a Janitor
  • 2.5 - Being a Janitor - Tips
  • 3 – Being a Researcher
  • 3.5 - Being a Researcher - Tips
  • 4 - Being a Plumber
  • 4.5 - Being a Plumber - Tips 
  • 5 - Being a Salesperson
  • 5.5 - Being a Salesperson - Tips