I’m on .NET Rocks!

Wednesday, August 06 2014

About a year or so after I got started with .NET (which was back in 2001 using Beta 2 for 1.0) I came across the .NET Rocks podcast.  I was doing a lot of driving in those days commuting a little over an hour each way to work, so a technical podcast fit in perfectly.  I’ve learned a ton of stuff from the podcast over the years and they have had some really great guests on.  So, I was simply floored when the opportunity to be a guest on the show came up!

We recorded this just a few weeks ago over a Skype call.  I was fairly nervous about the whole thing, but Carl and Richard are pros.  They’ve been doing this for quite some time (12 years and over a 1,000 shows!), so they very quickly set me at ease and jumped right to recording.  It was certainly a different experience hearing them do the bits of the show you get familiar with (Better Know a Framework, reading email, etc.) live. 

We talked about Azure: the growth of the platform, how developers and IT Pros need to understand more about each others work as DevOps practices continues to increase in popularity and even took a thread down virtualization of development environments. 

.NET Rocks Episode 1017 – Migrating to Azure with Mike Wood

Thanks for having me on Richard and Carl!