Code PaLOUsa 2014–Intro to Windows Azure Workshop

Sunday, February 23 2014

In the Introduction to Windows Azure workshop we will do some hands on work with the core features of Windows Azure: Storage, Web Sites, Cloud Services and Virtual Machines.

To participate in these hands on labs you’ll need to have a Windows Azure Account.

You can get a free trial account ( ) or, if you have a MSDN subscription, you can sign up for your Windows Azure benefits ( ) and use those. Please have the account already set up when you arrive. Note, you may get prompted for your credit card when creating the account, but the trial accounts have a spending cap of $0.00 on them by default.

In order to get the most out of the hands on labs please come with the following installed:

This can be a decent amount to install, so please have it set up when you arrive. You may not have enough time to get all of this set up on the day of the workshop. If you don’t have the hardware or time to install this, don’t worry, we’ll do some pairing. 

Not a Microsoft developer or Windows user?

You’ll be able to participate in some of the labs as well. Please make sure to come with the following installed:

If you want to do Git-based deployments to Windows Azure Web Sites, you'll want to download Git. Do so at or get the GitHub for Windows client ( ).