Motion shooting for end of the month for Vista Drivers

Friday, January 12 2007

I have a Motion LS800 tablet pc as my main personal computing device.  I use a desktop supplied to me by my client at work, but when I'm doing my own thing, testing out a POC, learning new technology, etc., I'm doing it, for the most part, on my tablet.  I sent an email to Motion recently to try to gauge when LS800 drivers for Vista would be ready (I had previously heard March) and got the this answers:

"Dear Mr. Wood,

For more information regarding LS800s, please contact Motion Sales at 866-682-2538, Monday through Friday 8 am to 5 pm Central Time.

Vista will require new device drivers for many of the sub-systems included with our products.  Most of these drivers are provided by the device manufacturers and not Motion.  We are dependent on them to develop, test, WHQL certify and deliver these drivers to us, at which time we must perform our own testing and integration with our systems.  Motion Computing and the device manufacturers that we employ are committed to working with Microsoft to develop and publish drivers at the earliest possible time.  At this time, Motion plans to have Vista drivers by the end of January.


Customer Care, Motion Computing, Inc."

So, perhaps by the beginning of next month I'll be able to start to think about going to Vista.  Yeah!  Of course, I still have to wait for the SQL Server SP2 to be released (not CTP) so that I can still have SQL Server 2005 developer on my tablet and Vista at the same time without the need for a virtual PC setup.

I can't even upgrade my Windows desktop machine at home to Vista since they made the Windows Media Center type functionality incompatible with the first generation Media Center Extenders.  I have to wait until Linksys either puts out an firmware upgrade to the extender I have, or I get enough cash to buy a new second generation extender (are there even any out yet besides the Xbox 360?).