Dog Food Conference Success!

Thursday, November 08 2012

The great folks that organize the Dog Food Conference in Columbus have done it again: they did a great job putting this year’s conference together.  There is still another day to the event, but alas, I’m leaving on vacation tomorrow and won’t be able to attend.

For those that came to my two talks today, or anyone interested, here are some links to my presentations:

Cloud: It’s More than Just Virtual Machines (SlideShare)

One of the aspects of Cloud Service providers to look at is the additional, value-add services that they provide beyond just virtual machines managed outside your data center. Windows Azure offers a cornucopia of options for services that can help you secure your applications, provide communication foundations and use in your solutions. The presentation will provide an overview of several of these options, including: Windows Azure Access Control Services (ACS), Service Bus Brokered Messaging, Service Bus Caching and Windows Azure Storage.


A Queue By Any Other Name Would Still Work The Same ... Or Would It? (SlideShare)

When Windows Azure was originally released a built in queuing feature was included. The Windows Azure Storage Queues were the suggested way for compute instances and applications to talk to each other. Flash forward to just a few months ago and another queue feature appears on the Windows Azure scene with Service Bus Queues and Topics. So, why are there two queue technologies? How do they differ? When should you choose one over the other? These are the questions we'll look to answer in this session.


More Resources:

Windows Azure Training Kit:

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