Silicon Valley Code Camp - 2014

Tuesday, October 21 2014

A few weeks ago I attended what is likely the largest code camp in the world, the Silicon Valley Code WP_20141012_003Camp in Los Altos Hills, California in the US.  The event was quite the experience.  First, it was held at Foothill College, so moving around the campus felt a lot like being back in school, except that a bunch of fellow geeks were all wondering around as well rather (I went to a school better known for law enforcement, fire safety and nursing, so slightly different crowd).    The campus was pretty nice and spread out enough that I got a lot of steps in on my Fitbit for sure.   WP_20141012_002Being from a location that sees a good amount of rain I wasn’t used to schools that have the rooms that all are accessible directly from the outside. 

Since the rooms were spread out they had a nice map on the back of your badge, but also they had signs all over posted to the ground to help you find your way.

The vendors and sponsors were all located outside as well under a set of tents.  Red Gate was there as a sponsor so I also got to spend some time with some of my colleagues from Cambridge and the Pasadena office in addition to other Red Gate remote workers who were also speaking at the code camp.

My talk was on Being Efficient with Azure Automation which is based on the new Azure Automation Service (not just automation with a little “a”).  You can find out more about that service by checking out the Curah I created for the session with a list of resources.

So what does lunch look like at an event this size?  Well, this picture doesn’t really do it justice as there is a huge line off to the right waiting to get into either the pizza line or the sandwich line. You can just make out the lines of sponsor tents in the background.


It was a great event and the organizers and volunteers did an awesome job.  There were a ton of sessions, with 25 different tracks there were easily over a dozen talks going at any one time. 

I’d like to say thanks to SVCC for having me out this year.