Book Review: Revenge of the Sith

The final chapter in the Star Wars saga….or was it the third chapter…DOH!

The book Revenge of the Sith ,  by Matthew Woodring Stover, pretty much follows the movie; however, as usual, many more insights into the internal thoughts and motivations of the characters are shared.  A couple of sub plots that had been dropped for the movie are also laid out, such as Padme’s involvement in the beginnings of the rebellion.  Also, Anakin’s character does not come across as he does in the movie.  During the period in which he discovers the truth of Lord Sidious in the movie he goes and tells the Jedi with a strong voice and asks to be a part of the group to arrest the Sith Lord; however, in the book, the truth is almost too much for the boy to bear and he appears weak to those around him, almost on the verge of collapse.  The conversation Lord Sidious has with Anakin after the truth is revealed also should have been in the movie, I think it would show a lot more reason why Anakin choose to go to the dark side.

The one annoying thing about the book is that Stover wrote several pieces of the book as little focus points on different characters.  For example, there would be a chapter or part of a chapter devoted entirely to how someone felt at that exact moment, or what it was like to be them.  He always started these sections off with “This is how it feels to be Anakin Skywalker right now”.  Every time I read one of these I got a flash of “This is your brains on drugs”.

Overall, an enjoyable book.

Recommendation: I’d recommend this book to all Star Wars fans.  The storyline is pretty much the movie, with a few extras.  Of course, if you want the full story you need to also read _Labyrinth of Evil _ _, _ which is a prequel to the Revenge of the Sith .