PDC sessions on video available for download

I’m sure most of you have seen this link by now, but it looks like the videos of the sessions are all available for download. I’ve read that this will only be available for the next 6 months.

Day Four Wrap up

Well, it’s the last day of PDC. I’ve just gone to my last session and am fixing to get some food before heading to the airport. They are providing a shuttle from the convention center to LAX. I hope they have that a lot better organized than the buses to Universal Studios for the party on Wednesday night. I found out that even after the accident was cleared they started running the buses in their normal routes.

Breakout Session: Security in Indigo

Well, this is my last session here at PDC. Actually, I’m pretty worn out and am definitely ready to get home to sleep on a bed that isn’t hard as a rock and take a shower without the water constantly switching from luke warm/cold to scalding. The session was “Windows Communications Foundation (“Indigo”): A Deep Dive into Extensions for Security and Identity” and was presented by Doug Walter. Overall, it was a pretty good session, but like many of the sessions here a lot of the info could have been delivered quicker.