Book Review: 4000 Days: My Life and Survival in a Bangkok Prison

" 4000 Days: My Life and Survival in a Bangkok Prison " is a autobiography of Warren Fellows, an Australian drug smuggler who was caught in 1970s in Thailand and sentenced to life in prison. It would appear that the book was also published under the title “ The Damage Done: Twelve Years of Hell in a Bangkok Prison ”. This is a pretty eye opening story to the horrors and reality of the penal system in other countries.

Book Review: Revenge of the Sith

The final chapter in the Star Wars saga….or was it the third chapter…DOH! The book Revenge of the Sith , by Matthew Woodring Stover, pretty much follows the movie; however, as usual, many more insights into the internal thoughts and motivations of the characters are shared. A couple of sub plots that had been dropped for the movie are also laid out, such as Padme’s involvement in the beginnings of the rebellion.

Book Review: The Lance Thrower

The Lance Thrower by Jack Whyte is the sixth book in the Camulod Chronicles. This series is a version of the King Arthur story, but so far Arthur hasn’t been the main character in any of the books. It takes a “historical” viewpoint of the story where Whyte attempts to tell the story as it could have been. Thus, there is very little magic behind Merlyn (his spelling), and the pulling of the sword from the stone was all a deceptive trick to bring a sense of awe about to the people of Britain.