Indy Code Camp 2008

The first ever Indy Code Camp was last weekend so I don’t feel as bad being late in blogging about it. I don’t recall where I came across the event, but I’m glad I did. Aaron Lerch and the staff did a really good job with the event. The facility they have for the IndyNDA and the event was awesome. I wish we had something similar around Cincinnati (if you know of one, let me know!

CodeMash Day 2 Recap

This morning’s keynote, Concurrency: Past and Present, was given by Brian Goetz. The talk was a general overview of why concurrency is so hard and what may be coming in the future to solve the problems. Both Intel and Sun (probably others) are looking at hardware solutions. Java and .Net are also looking at software solutions. Unfortunately I had to step out of the talk and didn’t hear the last few minutes.

CodeMash Day one Recap

Today was the official start of CodeMash with the panel last night as a day zero type event. I’ve already blogged about the morning keynote, so I’ll just skip that and move on the rest of the day. The first session I missed out on as I was in the Expert’s Zone. Bill Wagner and I (ok, so mostly Bill) spoke to a few guys about a system they were working on.