.NN#13: Unit Testing Rules From the Rules Engine

Download the Code Sample to follow along if you want. I’ve recently given several talks on the Windows Workflow (WF) Rules Engine and during one of those talks someone asked the question, “So how do you unit test these rules?” At the time I simply said, “wait for the demo I show on using the rules engine outside of workflow”. Later in the presentation I showed a sample of executing rules out side of a workflow and again indicated you could do something like this for your unit testing.

Presentation Questions Follow-up

During both my presentations this last week on the Windows Workflow Rules Engine I had a lot of good questions. A few of them I was unable to answer on the spot and I indicated I would post the answers here on my blog. Well, as I mentioned in an earlier post, I forgot what one of them was (if someone remembers, please let me know). Also, one question that was asked I answered, but I’m not sure I got it right so I cover that one here too.

Déjà Vu: I've had the feeling I've given this talk before....

I’ll be giving my Rule Engine talk again tonight, but this time at the Central Ohio .NET Developers Group in Columbus. Hopefully I’ll run into some of the people I met at CodeMash. I thought last night went really well at the Dayton .NET Developers Group, minus a few demo slights.