Have you registered for ArcReady in Dec?

The next ArcReady event in Cincinnati is open for registration. This quarter the focus of the event will be on soft skills. You can check out more about the sessions and get registered over at the ArcReady website. I’ll be guest speaking for the event on December 2nd in Mason and giving the session on “Organizational Dynamics". Come on out!

PowerPoint has tons of keyboard shortcuts...

Just not the one I’m looking for. Spin up any PowerPoint file you have and start up the slide show. While in SlideShow mode press F1 for a list of keyboard shortcuts you can do while presenting. Some are fairly good, like “B” or “W” to white or black out the screen. You can also change the pointer to an pen (Ctrl-P) and draw on the screen with the mouse (or stylus if you have a tablet).

Speaking This Weekend at Lansing DoDN

This weekend is the Lansing Day of .NET. I’ll be giving my “Be a Rules Follower” talk on the Windows Workflow Rules Engine. It looks like I’ll be speaking directly after lunch and, once again, at the same time as Alan Stevens. Looks like I’ll miss seeing Alan speak again. If you are going to at the event make sure to stop me and say hi!