A Fresh Coat of Paint

I was looking up some information recently on a topic to help refresh my memory on it and stumbled across an old article I had written. It looks like my writing did exactly what it hoped it would do… help out future me! I sent the post to someone at work and they followed a link off the article to my personal blog which hasn’t been touched since 2016. Well, that’s not entirely true.

CloudDevelop 2016!

I’m going to be speaking at Cloud Develop again this year! I think I’ve been to every Cloud Develop since it’s inception, and each one of them has been awesome. The organizers and staff always do an excellent job pulling in a variety of perspectives and platforms, which makes it really hard to decide which sessions to go see. Do you stick with the platform you deal with every day, or attend something that covers another platform to see what you could be missing (or what you could bring back to your own solutions)?

That Conference 2016!

I’m honored to have been selected again to speak at That Conference next month. This will be my second time at the conference I’m really looking forward to it. This time around my family will be joining me, so my son will get a chance to experience the great Kids sessions as well. I really love the conferences like That Conference and CodeMash that have kids tracks. My talk will be An Introduction to Azure Service Fabric, held on Tuesday at 1:00 PM in the Portia room.