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I’m honored to have been selected again to speak at That Conference next month. This will be my second time at the conference I’m really looking forward to it. This time around my family will be joining me, so my son will get a chance to experience the great Kids sessions as well. I really love the conferences like That Conference and CodeMash that have kids tracks.

My talk will be An Introduction to Azure Service Fabric, held on Tuesday at 1:00 PM in the Portia room. This isn’t a deep dive into Service Fabric, but as the title suggests, it’s an introduction. If you’ve never heard of Service Fabric, or just want to see how it differs from Virtual Machines or Cloud Services in Azure, then this talk is for you. We’ll cover a little bit of the Micro-services approach that the Service Fabric excels at as well. If you are already running Service Fabric, then you can probably get more benefit by selecting another talk for this timeslot.

If you aren’t familiar with Micro-services, then there are several other talks being offered that can bring you up to speed on them. I’d recommend hitting at least one of the ones prior to my talk just so Microservices won’t be a foreign concept, though it’s not necessary. If you are looking to create a Microservices architecture and have never done so I highly suggest checking out Jimmy Bogard’s talk on Wednesday.

Check out:

I hope to see you there!

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