PSS #2: Finding Duplicate Lines in a text file

Okay, so today I found another reason to really dig PowerShell. I had a text file that was populated with a large number of lines to text, each on their own line. I found that this file had a decent amount of duplicate lines in it. There were over 1,200 lines in the file to start with. In order to verify I had duplicates, since it wasn’t blatantly obvious, I dragged and dropped the file into Excel which created a single column of text, one line per row.

This PowerShell Thing May Just Catch On...

I’m just learning PowerShell. In fact, I’d say I’m just beyond the understanding what’s behind “dir” and “help” (Get-ChildItem and Get-Help). But even with my limited knowledge I can still do some pretty cool (and time saving) things. For tomorrow’s Central Ohio Day of .NET I need to collect all the presentations so that I can post them to the website after the event is over. I did this last year by creating a directory for each speaker on my thumb drive.