I needed a little time to get away from everything (code camp, work, etc.) and so I went to go see 300 tonight with my brother. This movie was two hours long and there might have been about twenty minutes worth of footage in which someone wasn’t being beaten, harmed, dying or being killed. It’s easy to see why this was at the top of box office. The acting was pretty decent, what little there was through all the combat scenes.

Movie Review: Bourne Supremacy

This weekend my wife and I went to see The Bourne Supremacy. For those of you you who didn’t realize this is the sequel to The Bourne Identity back in 2002. And what I didn’t realize was that it was originally a TV mini series as well. All of these are based on books by Robert Ludlum (which I did know). In the original movie a CIA black ops operation named Treadstone had one of it’s best operatives get amnesia and then fights his way to “freedom” (Jason Bourne).

Movie Review: I, Robot

My wife had recently read the short stories that spawned this movie, so as soon as the trailers started for it a few months back we were set to see it. “I, Robot” is set in our future (2035 to be exact) when robots are integrated into our lives. They perform all sorts of tasks for us, like garbage collection, walking dogs, baby sitters, etc. They are considered excellent resources and pretty much everyone trusts them to do their jobs.