Review: Spiderman 2

This last weekend the wife and I went to see Spider-Man 2. The movie was very good overall. Both the original and the sequel are well done and really capture the struggle of this young hero attempting to fight the good fight while trying to live his own life as well. The basis of this movie is that Doctor Octavius has devised a way to create a self sustaining fusion reaction for a new energy source.

Shrek 2

Shrek 2 Now this was a movie I had been looking forward to. I really liked the first one. The cast is great and the animation is excellent. They pulled of another hit in my opinion. The successful use of pop culture references and double edged humor from the first movie was continued with the second. The premise of the second film is that Princess Feona’s parents have requested to meet the new husband (Shrek).

The Chronicles of Riddick

Chronicles of Riddick This wasn’t on my list of “must see” movies for the summer, but as a sci-fi action flick I thought it was worth a try. I saw this on Wednesday night with my brother. The movie is more or less a sequel to Pitch Black, which I saw at the drive in a few years back. Basically, the main character, Riddick, is the stereo-typical hard core criminal. He’s a killing machine, wanting pretty heavily by pretty much every star system.