Link from Geek Noise

I was fixing my technorati links yesterday when I noticed that I had been linked to from Geek Noise, Peter Provost’s blog. Peter is a member of the Pattern and Practices team and had put in a link to the entries I had done for the P&P Summit last October. Pretty cool. I spoke with Peter briefly during the tour he gave of the P&P diggs in Redmond. Nothing memorable for him I’m sure.

P&P Summit Day Four: Architecture Evaluation in Practice

The closing Keynote was given by Dragos Manolescu from the Patterns and Practices team. Dragos started with a slide for all the contact addresses for the people at P&P. He states that we spend a lot of money dealing with architectural problems. In order to evaluate architectures that can then be used as models to deal with our problems we can use three models: Simulation - useful for manufacturing. Checklist-based - used for product based development.

P&P Summit Day Four: TDD and Guidance Automation

The last real session was presented by Chris Tavares talking about Guidance automation. Chris is a software developer on the P&P team and the lead developer on the web service software factory. Guidance automation is what to do, what not to do, and why you should follow their guidance. Why have automated guidance? To make the right thing easy. For example, passing datasets back from a web service is not necessarily the correct thing to do, but it’s easy.