P&P Summit Day Four: Web Client Service Factory

Next up was Michael Puleio talking about the Web Client Software Factory. This, of course, is the web version of the Smart Client Software Factory. Michael is the dev lead on this factory. This factory tries to provide guidance for web development, including all of the choices around this including the technologies like AJAX, JavaScript, etc., etc. You can check out this factory on CodePlex. The factory will be focusing on the transactional type sites (e-commerce, etc.

P&P Summit Day Four: Web Service Software Factory

The first after lunch talk was given by Chris Kinsman and Don Smith on the Web Service Software Factory. Chris starts out stating he will not talk about what recipes are, etc., but rather what do you get out of the factory. He was not on the team that created it, but he is working on a project that it is using it. The factory includes the entire end-to-end communications using services.

P&P Summit Day Four: Smart Client Software Factory

The next session was given by Wojtek Kozaczynski (pronounced Voytek) and was on the Smart Client Software Factory. Wojtek was the architect of the GAT and GAX, as well as the Smart Client Software Factory. His talk is centered on what the Smart Client Factory is and why it is that way. What’s in the factory? Narrative guidance Help, etc. Includes what patterns are used, how to build a smart client, etc.