Central Ohio Day of .NET 2009

Save the date! The Central Ohio Day of .NET (CODON) will be held on Saturday, April 18th! Last year we held the event at the Roberts Center and it turned out to be the perfect middle spot between Dayton, Columbus and Cincinnati. This year we plan on adding a full day of Open Spaces as well as a dedicated SQL Server track (the CincySQL crew has joined CINNUG, Dayton .NET Developers Group and the Central Ohio .

CodeMash 2009 RideShare

Do you live in the Cincinnati area? Or perhaps somewhere between Cincinnati and Sandusky, OH? If so and you’re interested in doing a ride share for CodeMash then jump over to the CINNUG forums where we have a thread for people to organize their rides. For example, I’m looking for a ride on the way up since my family is coming up on Friday.

New XBox Experience

Everyone that owns an XBox and is an XBox Live customer has been talking about the New XBox Experience (NXE) this week. The XBox dashboard got a full overhaul and new features were added to the platform (what a great selling point that these console can have their firmware upgraded – I think “offline” consoles are pretty much dead these days). The Avatars are definitely a strike back at the Wii’s Mii.