Russia had a Space Shuttle?

I came across this article this week during lunch. I had no idea that Russia had a space shuttle program. Check it out: It looks a good deal like ours, but supposedly was much better. In the end the shuttles are not a great platform to get things in the space. Russia has always had us beat in the heavy lifting department. My favorite part of the article: “*Years after a sceptical Pentagon had given up on the shuttle, even as a delivery truck for spy satellites, the Russian officials continued whispering to journalists that the US orbiter had a secret capability - to make an undetected “dive” into the Earth’s atmosphere and suddenly glide over Moscow dropping nuclear bombs.

CinARC and Open Spaces

Two great nights of conversation. We had about 20 people at the CinARC meeting this last Tuesday. Three guys came all the way from Indianapolis to attend! That’s great! Shane, Dean and Sasha all heard about the event via Twitter and decided to brave some fairly nasty weather to attend. The fish bowl meeting format at CinARC is still working out for us. I think we will rotate the moderator role or have special guests be moderators so that they don’t have to leave the table.

CinARC Meeting Tonight & Open Spaces Tomorrow (7/8-7/9)

Tonight (7/8/2008) CINNUG is hosting it’s now monthly Cincinnati Software Architecture (CinARC) special interest group meeting. The meeting starts at 6:00 PM. We run a Fish Bowl style meeting where a topic is selected when we start the meeting from a list of proposed topics from attendees. Come join us! It’s at MAX Train in Mason. Pizza will be served somewhere in the middle of the meeting. Tomorrow night (7/9/2008) CINNUG and the Dayton .