.NN #21: Gracefully Upgrade Your ASP.NET Sites

I was doing some research this week around the publishing wizard for ASP.NET and stumbled across a MSDN Library article that made mention of something I head never heard of before: the App_offline.htm file. Apparently, this is a feature introduced in .NET 2.0 where if you simply create a file named App_offline.htm and place that in the root of your ASP.NET application then all requests to the application will be immediately redirected to this page.

.NN #20: Developing with Two Monitors

There are a lot of studies out there that talk about the benefits of multiple monitors. Just doing an Internet search for “multiple monitor productivity” will bring up a lot of information on the subject. I’m not going to rehash that information, but rather I’m going to talk about how I use multiple monitors when I develop with Visual Studio. The client I’m working at now provides dual monitors (mostly 17" flat panels) to all of their developers.

.NN #19: CorrelationManager

This .NET Nugget is going to focus on the CorrelationManager class from the System.Diagnostics namespace. According to the MSDN docs this class “Correlates traces that are part of a logical transaction”. While that’s technically accurate it isn’t very helpful. However, if you completely understand its purpose from that statement you can skip the rest of this post. Code from this Post can be found online at my MSDN Code Gallery for the .