A Fresh Coat of Paint

I was looking up some information recently on a topic to help refresh my memory on it and stumbled across an old article I had written. It looks like my writing did exactly what it hoped it would do… help out future me! I sent the post to someone at work and they followed a link off the article to my personal blog which hasn’t been touched since 2016. Well, that’s not entirely true.


It’s time for a vacation. After looking at the hours I’ve worked over the summer and what little time I’ve taken off this year it’s almost as if I’ve not taken any time off at all. Other than holidays all the time I’ve taken off has been made up with some overtime for the project I’m on. Given the fact that last year I took a total of about six weeks off (including 10 holidays and a week of sick time) I’m more than ready for a vacation.

Tsunami of Technology

About eight year ago I would have considered myself a generalist. I wrote VB6 code for windows forms front ends or VBScript code in ASP web applications. I knew enough about relational databases to create tables and store the data I needed (most likely not the most efficient way, but it got the job done). Many of the projects I was on I was the designer, developer and project manager. Since then, and especially in the last three years, I’ve seen my skills become smaller and smaller compared to the overall breadth of technical advances in Microsoft Development tools and technologies.