It’s time for a vacation.  After looking at the hours I’ve worked over the summer and what little time I’ve taken off this year it’s almost as if I’ve not taken any time off at all.  Other than holidays all the time I’ve taken off has been made up with some overtime for the project I’m on.  Given the fact that last year I took a total of about six weeks off (including 10 holidays and a week of sick time) I’m more than ready for a vacation.

So, with much trepidation about traveling with a two year old on a plane we take off early this Thursday morning for Massachusetts.  We plan on spending a few days in a town outside of Boston, then four full days in Boston proper.  We got a great deal on the plane tickets out of Columbus (even though I live 10 minutes from CVG when you are looking at a close to double the ticket cost it’s worth the drive).

My main goal is to visit the USS Constitution.  I have always like the tall ships and I even put together a model of old Ironsides when I was a kid (one of like 3 models I’ve ever assembled).  The wife wants to walk a little on the Liberty Trail and we plan on visiting the Boston Children’s Museum for Daniel.  Other than those big ticket items I think we are playing it by ear.  If you have any suggestions I’d love to hear them.