How to make a Favorites list for OneNote 2007

With OneNote 2007 they have introduced the ability to hyperlink sections, paragraphs, notebooks, etc. from within OneNote. This is an incredibly handy feature. During the early Beta I came up with a cool way to use this feature to create a type of “Favorites” dropdown so that I could have pretty much instant access to a few pages in my notebook. Right click on any of the menu bars and drag a “new menu” from the

How to ask questions at your interview...or which questions to ask

Here is a list of questions that I have put together when I was out looking for my new job. They are grouped together on how I would ask about them during an interview. I had this list on my tablet and would takes notes on the answers. If you use these questions, or have questions of your own, I’d HIGHLY suggest you take notes in your interviews of the answers that mean something to you.