Cool Dead Person: Rosa Parks

Rosa Parks died in the last few days. If you don’t know who this is then you clearly are not familiar enough with the civil rights movement in US History. In 1955 Rosa Parks did something pretty simple, yet incredibly amazing for the time. She got on a bus and sat up front. In 1995 the buses were segretated in Alabama, blacks in the back, whites up front and any black person had to give up their seat to a white.

Johnny Carson

Johnny Carson died yesterday at the age of 79. I remember growing up with my parents watching Johnny after the news on some nights. It wasn’t that it was all the time, but a few nights a week. Sometimes, usually on Friday’s, we were allowed to stay up and watch it too. When Jay Leno took over it just wasn’t the same. Johnny definately rates on the Cool Dead People list.

Cool Dead Guy: Rodney Dangerfield

I just started the Cool Dead People category and will probably not go back into the past for candidates, but since Rodney just died last week I think it’s okay. Growing up in the 80’s Rodney Dangerfield was definitely a known comic figure to me. Movies like “Cadyshack” and “Back to School” still make me laugh when I catch them on TNT, USA, or the Comedy Channel. His stand up was really good as well.