A Fresh Coat of Paint

I was looking up some information recently on a topic to help refresh my memory on it and stumbled across an old article I had written. It looks like my writing did exactly what it hoped it would do… help out future me! I sent the post to someone at work and they followed a link off the article to my personal blog which hasn’t been touched since 2016. Well, that’s not entirely true. A few years back I had spent some time to move my website off a extremly old blog software package and over to using the Hugo static site generator. I had also moved the site in an Azure Blob storage static website and hosted it from there.

This weekend I decided I’d try something new, so I update my Hugo version and have wired up the site to use Azure Static Web App. The theme I had been using was so out of date it seemed like there was no end to the warnings and depreciations, so I swapped that out as well. You can think of this as a test post to make sure my publish workflows are all working.

Hopefully I’ll get back to some blog posts, but I’m happy to have spent a little while this weekend playing with some tech.