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I’m going to be speaking at Cloud Develop again this year! I think I’ve been to every Cloud Develop since it’s inception, and each one of them has been awesome. The organizers and staff always do an excellent job pulling in a variety of perspectives and platforms, which makes it really hard to decide which sessions to go see. Do you stick with the platform you deal with every day, or attend something that covers another platform to see what you could be missing (or what you could bring back to your own solutions)?

For my talk, I’ll be covering an introduction to Azure Automation (capital “A” in that Automation, the service!). We’ll touch on what you can use Azure Automation for, how to get started and how you can use it with the new Azure Resource Manager (ARM) tooling. We’ll also cover a few gotchas on what you should avoid using the service for. If you’ve never looked at Azure Automation and want a quick run down of it, this session is for you!

I looked at the session list and it doesn’t look like any of the other sessions are directly covering Azure Automation, but there is a session by Dave Strebel on DevOps in Action. He’ll be covering some other ways to automate Azure, specifically using Release Management to push code in a Docker container up to a Linux machine in Azure. While Azure Automation isn’t directly related, I do see it as a tool in the DevOps tool box.

A few other talks I’d recommend if you have an interest are:

  • Jennifer Marsman’s keynote – Jennifer is wicked smart and a great speaker to boot. Don’t skip the keynote just because you want to get an extra 30 minutes of sleep that morning.
  • Brent Stineman’s session on Containers for Windows Developers. If you have an interest in seeing how you can use Containers on Windows definitely check out Brent’s session.
  • David Benoit’s session on Azure SQL Data Warehouse. If you aren’t into Azure Automation David’s session is the same time slot as mine (1:15 PM) and he’ll be covering how you can utilize Azure SQL Data Warehouse to parallelize your SQL Query workloads.

I hope to see you at Cloud Develop!

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