I needed a little time to get away from everything (code camp, work, etc.) and so I went to go see 300 tonight with my brother.  This movie was two hours long and there might have been about twenty minutes worth of footage in which someone wasn’t being beaten, harmed, dying or being killed. 

It’s easy to see why this was at the top of box office.  The acting was pretty decent, what little there was through all the combat scenes.  The cinematics wasn’t as obtrusive as I thought they would be with all the slow motion shots.  I mean, I think they overdid them, but it wasn’t too annoying. 

If you’re interesting in a mind-escape and don’t mind a large amount of violence, then check the movie out.  Oh, and if you are a history buff, be a little prepared to that this isn’t an exact history of what happened at the Battle of Thermopylae, but it is entertaining.  The movie does indicate that the Spartans weren’t the only ones there defending the road, but it sure made them appear to have done 99% of the fighting.