Speaking at Dayton User Group : 1.21.2008

I’ll be speaking at the Dayton .Net Developers Group on this Wednesday. I’ll be giving my “Be a Rules Follower” talk which details the Windows Workflow Rules Engine. The weather is calling for snow the next two days, so here’s hoping for a really small amount.

Updated WF Presentation

I recently had a reason to update my “Go With the Flow” introduction to Windows Workflow Foundation presentation. I’ve updated the content and demos to all work with the RTM version of WF. Not a whole lot changed, though they did completely get rid of the TerminationTrackingService from the base libraries (I was using it as an example service that can be plugged into the runtime, though it’s a fairly useless one).

CTP headaches for netfx3.0?

Tom Archer has published a nice matrix to determine what pieces you need for getting moving with the latest and greates CTPs, Vista, and VS.Net extensions. Developers looking into the new .Net Framework 3.0 (netfx3.0) stuff should check it out. Via Paul Andrew.