Day Three Wrap up

Time to wrap things up. Day three of the conference was somewhat of a hit or miss, but ended on an up note (with a session by Don Box). After my last session I walked around the Big Room to “Meet the Experts”. This is where they have PMs, developers and other people like that who work on the product lines from Microsoft standing around answering questions. I didn’t find out anything overly interesting, but did have some good conversations.

Breakout Session: Workflow + Messaging + Services

So, after the last few sessions of the day I was getting pretty worn. I wasn’t feeling well and had seriously thought about canning the rest of the day and going back to the hotel. But, when I walked past my next session and looked in I saw a name on the slide that caught my eye: Don Box. Yep, this presentation was given by Don Box and Dharma Shukla. I hadn’t been keeping track of the speakers, just what was being presented.

Breakout Session: Event Driven State Machine Workflows

The next session was pretty hard to sit through. The concepts were very easy to grasp and were painfully driven home. I had a hard time understanding the speaker, but that was an accent thing and not his fault. The session was “Developing Event Driven State Machine Workflows”, and dealt with the use of WWF to implement state machine workflow. If you know what state machines are and how they work then this is nothing really new here, just how to implement them in WWF.