Day Three Wrap up

Time to wrap things up. Day three of the conference was somewhat of a hit or miss, but ended on an up note (with a session by Don Box).


After my last session I walked around the Big Room to “Meet the Experts”. This is where they have PMs, developers and other people like that who work on the product lines from Microsoft standing around answering questions. I didn’t find out anything overly interesting, but did have some good conversations. They had a HUGE poster of the new namespaces and it was quite a bit to take in.


I finally decided I wasn’t feeling well because I hadn’t had lunch and had eaten pretty much bagels and bananas for the day. After I got back to the hotel I walked across the street to eat at Morton’s Steakhouse. It was expensive, but most likely the best steak I’ve had in a LONG time.


Well, that’s it for today folks. Time to pack up to be ready to leave tomorrow and get some shut eye.