Breakout Session: Using Advanced Tools Features with XML and XSLT

My next session was also a full demo session that displayed the upcoming tools in VS.Net 2005 for XML and XSLT development. Again, the material covered was quite useful, but the speaker just was not that engaging. I forced myself to stay to the end of the session to at least see the XSLT debugging capabilities. It was like watching the full nightly news just to hear how you can save “money at the pumps”; meaning it was painful, but informative.

Using Team System for code analysis and profiling...

The second session for the day was a little better. The speaker again was not the best I’ve seen, but at least his delivery wasn’t bad and the content was useful. “Building More Reliable and Better Performing Web Applications with Visual Studio 2005 Team System”….or more apply named, “How to use Team System testing and code analysis/profiling features”. This was presented by Gabriel Marius, which while not being the best speaker, did recover quite well when some demo things didn’t go just right.

Best Practices using WCF (Don't expect much here...)

Today was filled with sessions that failed to capture my attention or provide a wealth of information. I think I just choose the wrong ones to go to. First up was “A Deep Dive into Best Practices Using Windows Communications Foundation”. This was a kind of “Top 7” best practices list for using WCF. I could stomach on the first one which was “Know which Binding best fits your needs”. The speaker was not the best I’ve seen and I just couldn’t sit through the rest of it.