Day Four Wrap up

Well, it’s the last day of PDC.  I’ve just gone to my last session and am fixing to get some food before heading to the airport.  They are providing a shuttle from the convention center to LAX.  I hope they have that a lot better organized than the buses to Universal Studios for the party on Wednesday night.  I found out that even after the accident was cleared they started running the buses in their normal routes.  Which meant that there was a stop prior to my hotel.  Well, the buses just filled up at that stop and went on to the park.  They had multiple buses for each route, so I’m not sure why they didn’t just send a bus to each hotel (okay, so I’m still bitter about missing the party, but I’m told I didn’t miss much).

My overall experience here has been good.  I have a TON of new information and stuff to learn.  I have a lot of bits to play with.  Now if I just had the time to do so. :)  I’m looking forward to getting home and spending some time with the wife, munchkin and dog.  It’s the first full week away from home without them since I stopped working for Avanade two years ago.

If you attended the PDC I hope you got a lot out of it.  If you didn’t attend and used my blog to see what was going on….well, cool!  I do plan on posting a few more posts to this category as I find out things on the “Goods” disks or anything tied to what I learned here.

Maybe I can get some of the guys (Ben, James, Levy, Krisb, Tomb, etc.) together to go to PDC next time.

That’s it.