EBay has lost a Seller

I’ve been using since 1999.  I’m not a heavy user (I’ve only had 30 or so transactions), but I’ve always been a big fan…until now.  I am selling my LS 800 tablet and thought EBay would help me out.  So, I put my listing with a Buy Now.  As you may have saw in one of my last posts, with using the Buy Now I attracted the attention of someone (or multiple people) down in Nigeria.  These people were using brand new accounts registered in the U.S. to be able to bid on items that only shipped to addresses in the U.S.  They would then send you some sob story about being out of the country and they wanted to purchase your item to send to their son who was in Nigeria for some reason (he was everything from a college kid to a U.N. aid).  They would then proceed to send you a fake PayPal email in hopes you would actually think you received money and would mail the item.  They would, of course, “pay” all the shipping fees. 

This happened to me three times in a row.  Each time I would contact EBay and they would refund my listing and final auction costs, but it was a hassle.  Luckily the Nigerians would at least de-register their account so that I could re-list immediately (which is what they wanted).  So the fourth attempt I listed the device without the Buy Now feature and just went for a five day auction.

At the end of the auction last night it finally looks as if I had a real buyer.  They had a high feedback rating and had been a member of EBay for years.  Turns out someone had hijacked the account and this morning I get an email from EBay saying the auction was voided due to that.  Nice.  So, no more trying to sell things on EBay for me.  This has been a complete hassle that has lasted almost a week and a half and numerous posting attempts.

So, I’m still selling my tablet and I’ve got to find another way to do so.  See my next post if you interested in purchasing it.