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I have been using Snippet Compiler for a long time now to do little, quick spikes or to try something out.  If I needed to see how an object worked and I didn’t want to open up the full blown Visual Studio, I’d open up Snippet Compiler.  Now I have a new tool to replace Snippet Compiler: LINQPad.  LINQPad is just a great tool.  First off, it has .NET 3.5 or .NET 4.0 Support (different downloads), and doesn’t require an installation (unless you want file associations and a shortcut). 

It lets you write little snippets of C# or VB.NET, or you can use either language to write LINQ queries against objects, SQL, entity framework, XML, SQL Azure, WCF Data Services and more.  You can even dump the results of the queries and executions to Excel or Word.

One of the cool features is the ability to “Dump” your results. 


In this screenshot I’m “Dumping” the results of my LINQ query (Yeah, I know, it’s a lame query, but you have to admit that the ability to call Dump on just about any object to get a visual representation of it is pretty nice).

I’ve been pretty impressed with the free tool.  They do have an autocomplete extension that you can pay for if you like your intellisense.

FYI: I do not get kick backs or commissions for LINQPad.  I was however provided a free Not For Resale autocomplete upgrade, so don’t take my word for how cool the tool is.  Try it for yourself instead.

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