Do's and Don'ts for Conference/Sessions

I’ve been to a few techinical sessions lately (P&P Summit, User Group meetings, and the Launch Event for VSDBPro) and wanted to share some of the things that bugged me, or I liked, about the sessions in regards to the attendees and the presentations. For Presenters: *Don’t ask if the font is large enough to read. If you have to ask, it isn’t large enough. Bump this up ahead of time.

"Truth in Advertising" on a resume

M y client is currently on the lookout for several new .Net/SQL Server resources (Full Time Employees). They have been going through gobs of resumes and interviews. I get to hear some of the horror stories from the interviews, but it made me think back to what I came across when I was doing interviews for GA Sullivan and Avanade. I couldn’t believe the number of people who doctored their resume just in the hopes of getting the interview.

Posts have slowed....

If you haven’t noticed my posts have slowed a bit. Being part of the Office Beta has taken up the time I ususally spent putting blog entries together. Well, that and then there is the new munchkin at home AND trying to put together a presentation for next month’s Code Camp on WWF. The good news is I should have several good posts about the new Office 12 once it comes out.