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Microsoft MVP Award

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A few weeks ago I attended what is likely the largest code camp in the world, the Silicon Valley Code Camp in Los Altos Hills, California in the US.  The event was quite the experience.  First, it was held at Foothill College, so moving around the campus felt a lot like being back in school, except that a bunch of fellow geeks were all wondering around as well rather (I went to a school better known for law enforcement, fire safety and nursing, so slightly different crowd). The campus was pretty…

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About a year or so after I got started with .NET (which was back in 2001 using Beta 2 for 1.0) I came across the .NET Rocks podcast.  I was doing a lot of driving in those days commuting a little over an hour each way to work, so a technical podcast fit in perfectly.  I’ve learned a ton of stuff from the podcast over the years and they have had some really great guests on.  So, I was simply floored when the opportunity to be a guest on the show came up!

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